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Living In Beautiful Northern Ontario

North Bay, Ontario is the perfect place to build your dream home. Whether your planning on building a new home to retire in, or building a new home for your growing family, our residents love the endless activities our city and surrounding areas have to offer.

The Problem

However, there does seem to be a common complaint among residents which Enerbuild Homes can prevent. Thats right you guessed it, home energy operating costs are much too high and we all have heard that prices will never decrease, they will only rise. The solution, is to build a better home.

The Solution

Enerbuild Homes is a new residential building company in North Bay. After many years in the construction, HVAC and engineering industry the owners of Enerbuild Homes know how to build you a home that works best for you. Efficiency is their specialty and they want nothing more than to help their clients create a comfortable home that has minimal energy requirements and minimal environmental footprint. 

This is why Enerbuild Homes has commited themselves to building highly energy efficient homes using the latest available technologies that are viable and environmentally friendly.We take a hollistic approach to buildig your dream home from the ground up!
Enerbuild Homes = comfort, efficiency, functionality for affordability.